The City of Davis Story
The City of Davis is named after Samuel H. Davis, who moved his dry goods store to the townsite in 1890. He petitioned for a Santa Fe depot to be constructed near his establishment and, in March 1890, he obtained a post office for the settlement. The initial suggestion for the name for the town was Chigley, after Nelson Chigley, a Chickasaw Indian on whose land the townsite was located. However "Chigley" was already taken and the "place was well known as Davis store," according to the application for a post office. The town was incorporated on November 16, 1898. Although trains still clatter along the rails, more traffic flows down U.S. Interstate 35, situated two miles west of Davis, along State Highway 7, Davis's Main Street, and U.S. Highway 77, which runs North-South through town. Davis is located in Murray County, twenty-three miles north of Ardmore and twenty-three miles south of Paul's Valley.

Tourist Attractions
Davis Oklahoma is proud to be home to two of the states most famous tourist attractions, Turner Falls Park, the largest waterfall in Oklahoma, named after Mazeppa Turner, who represented Murray County in the Oklahoma Legislature from 1907 until 1911, and Arbuckle Wilderness Exotic Animal Theme Park, awarded Oklahoma's Outstanding Tourist Attraction for 2005 by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.

City Information
Davis is located near Lake Arbuckle and had a population of 2,610 at the 2000 census. Updated, 2010 census population numbers to be provided shortly!

Our Davis Public Schools' mascot is the "Wolves". The Davis High School Football team is considered one of the top programs in the state and is generally ranked in the top ten in class 2A, and more often than not ranked inside the top 5. We are the home of the 1979, 1986, 1990, and 1995 Oklahoma State Football Championship teams (Runner-up in 1951, 2000, 2003, and 2005). Davis is one of only a handful of teams to run a true Wishbone offense. Jody Weber has been head coach of the Wolves since 2001, following the departure of his father Joe Weber, who was head coach for 13 years. Davis is currently the state record holder for most consecutive playoff appearances with 26 and counting.

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